Elektrisola group is the world’s largest manufacturer of fine and ultra fine copper magnet wire / enamelled copper wire | litz wire.

From our plants in Europe, America and Asia, we supply our wire to the world’s leading companies in the Automotive, Telecommunication, Electrical and Electronics Industries. Exceed our customers’ quality expectations with a dedication to efficient service. Cu (DIN 1787 und DIN 40500). Polysol 155. Cu (DIN 1787 und DIN 40500). Polysol 155, Polysol 180, Estersol 180, Amidester 200, Amidester 202, ML220, P155, P180, E180, A200, A202. Elektisola delivers high quality products to its customers. In order to counteract this effect, it is necessary to increase the amount of surface area without appreciably increasing the size of the conductor. It is also essential to position each individual strand in the litz construction in a uniform pattern moving from the centre to the outside and back in a given length.

Even properly constructed litz wires will exhibit some skin effect due to the limitations of stranding. Wires intended for higher frequency ranges require more strands of a finer gauge size than litz wires of equal cross sectional area but composed of fewer and larger strands.
Polyurethane is the film most often used for insulating individual strands because of its low electrical losses and its solder ability. Other insulations can also be used. Litz wires are generally further insulated with a single or double wrap or serving, of a textile-typically nylon.
The data that follows covers a broad range of sizes but is not intended to represent all possible constructions available. Inquire as to particular litz wire constructions and allow us to provide you with wire to meet your specifications.

Our major products are:

Voice coils, transponder, sensor, fuel injector, choke, yoke, relays, car relays igniter, timer motor synchronous motors, solenoid, valve, reed relays, sealed relays, power relays, telecom relays, pencil coil, coil on plug, ABS - coil, clock coil, pick up, spit - relays, small transformer, switch mode transformer, transducer

Nichrome (tm), Resistance wire, Tungsten wire, Magnet wire, Litz wire, Ultrafine and Bifilar magnet wire. We also supply Nickel alloys, Copper alloys, Plated, Tinned, Solder coated, Gold, Silver, Platinum, Palladium, Tungsten, Titanium, Tantalum, Safety/lockwire, Hot Foam Cutting Wires, Stainless steel, Inconel (tm),& Monel (tm). Litz Wire Manufacturer
High Frequency Litz Wire. Applicable to power supplies, transformers, inductors, semi-conductors, relays, choke coils, filters, and electromagnetic. We manufacture:
Enamelled copper (AWG 4-52)
Builds available: Single, Double,
Triple, (Grades 1-3) Bare Copper
Served (jacketed) or unserved
Materials available: Silk, Cotton,
Polyamid, Kapton®, Samica®,
NOMEX®, Mylar®
Profiled Litz (rectangular Litz, square
Litz) with or without serving
Polyamid, polyester, silk,
NOMEX®, Mylar®,
Kapton® for lapping,
braiding and taping.
PVC, Teflon FEP®, silicone,
Our Litz-Wire is according to IEC317-11, DIN 46447, BS EN 60317-11 specifications. We also comply with VDE, TÜV, NEMA and UL standards.

Advantages of using HF Litz Wire:

minimum heat build up substantial weight reduction high efficiency effect protection against fluctuations in the operating voltage Product Variation Back Metals: Copper, different brass types, aluminium and copper clad aluminium.
Values given under Engineering Data are for copper, for other metals please enquire. Diameters: 0,010 – 0,50 mm, for technical data see

Technical Data by Sizes Insulation:

Wide range of different coating available – see Enamelled Wire Types For self bonding wire please inquire - Enamelled Wire Types for Selfbonding Wire Colours: Available on request. Helps identification, but higher priced and lower technical performance. Spool sizes: Different spool sizes available, see Spools and Packaging Big spools available for high productivity on automatic high speed winding machines, (0,05 mm wires up to 20 kg per spool).

Lubrication: Precisely metered lubrication with very small tolerance avoids potting and taping problems, while ensuring superb wind ability with no wire breaks. Above variations lead to over 30.000 different products. A huge variety is constantly on stock in different worldwide locations.
Production Flow Back Wire Drawing Process

Starting from a rod (8 mm copper wire as an industry standard material, resp. 5/16") wire is drawn through a die to finer size. This is repeated several times per machine. If the necessary change of diameter is too big for one machine, the next machine with finer sizes will be used. Enamelling Process Back 1. Annealing Oven The bare wire is annealed for necessary softness of the copper. 2. Enamel Applicator The enamel is applied in many single layers by the applicator (up to 30) to guarantee good adhesion of the enamel on the copper and have good insulation properties. 3. Curing Oven In the oven solvents are driven out of the enamel by heat. 4. Lubrication Application Lubrication is applied on the final pass to obtain good slid ability. 5. Laser- O.D. Control The outer diameter is permanently controlled by laser 6. Tension Control The winding tension is tightly controlled. 7. Spooling The wire is evenly spooled on a supply spool with controlled tension. 8. Monitor for control by operator Quality Back Personnel: Over 1.500 specially trained people worldwide Machines used: Own built state-of-the-art machines with closed loop quality system. Lot of controls including a laser to measure the outer diameter of the wire continuously to guarantee the enamel thickness as the main insulation property.

Raw material:

Tight specifications and demanding incoming controls are a prerequisite for the quality final product. Quality systems: Most companies are QS 9000 for automotive, all ISO 9002.

Quality systems: Most companies are QS 9000 for automotive, all ISO 90001:2000, TS16949, ISO14001, OSHAS18000.

UL approval: Elektrisola wires are UL approved according to the UL list Applications Automotive Industrial Electronics Appliance Consumer Electronics Computer Watches Biconical spool for fine and ultra fine wire, superb de-spooling
capability, ideal for high speed winding machines
Straight barrel spool, solid traditional design
Stable winding due to tapered barrel spool for heavier sizes
Container for large spools

Locations: Germany - Reichshof Eckenhagen, Italy - Luttach, Mühlen, Atesina, USA - Boscawen , Mexico - Cuauhtemoc Chihuahua, Malaysia - Janda Baik Bentong, Pahang, Switzerland - Escholzmatt Sales Offices: Germany, Switzerland, Turkey, France, Austria, Belgium, Luxemburg, Sweden, Denmark, Czech Rep, Slovakia, Egypt, Finland, Great Britain, Rep. of Ireland, Greece, Hungary, Israel, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Iran, Argentina, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, India, USA